Our Mission

Goldman Environmental Consultants, Inc. helps our clients (individuals, corporations, associations, and institutions) achieve their goals in accordance with applicable environmental regulations. GEC understands that environmental regulations affect clients’ business decisions. When organizations need to blend business, environmental, and societal goals, we strategize to minimize their risks within the regulatory boundaries. Our mission is to provide superior consulting services at a reasonable fee.

Related Projects

GEC’s client, a scrap metal recycler, faced a citizen suit under the Clean Water Act for alleged stormwater non-compliance. GEC evaluated the operation, determined the applicability of the regulations, responded to the notification, filed for permit coverage, and developed a written stormwater pollution prevention plan (SW3P), with including best management practices, facility inspections, employee training and benchmark sampling to achieve compliance. Then, GEC designed engineering controls to collect and treat stormwater that enabled us to notify the EPA, on behalf of our client, informing them that our client was no longer subject to this regulation, saving thousands in ongoing compliance costs.

GEC consulted with both our client’s business and environmental attorneys to develop a mutually agreeable Consent Agreement and a plan for sustainable compliance, thus helping our client get into compliance, develop cost-effective engineering solutions, and avoid protracted litigation.